H -HONORED: I am honored that God thought enough about to choose me for such a thing. Honored that he saw strength in me that I didn't know I had myself. Honored that he would use me to display his healing power and to spread the word that he's still a miracle worker.

EEMPOWERED: I am empowered that God trusted me with a vision to bring awareness to others. He's given the tools and the experience to turn this unfortunate health scare into something positive. To know that my journey is going to give insight and encouragement to others is amazing and exciting.

R-RENEWED: I am renewed with a new sense of life and health. The way it feels to beat breast cancer not once, but twice within a 4 year span is undescribable. I now have a new outlook on life and I've learned to embrace all parts of it. Even in this. It's so refreshing to walk in this newness.